Friday, November 15, 2013

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So I just realized that I have round about 9 weekends left until D Day

OMG talk about a reality check. 

A lot of those weekends are already filling up with holiday commitments, so I'm feeling a real itch to take some "me" time and enjoy these last few quiet weekends. I also know that after H.R. comes, there will be no picking up and going for a while, so I've been thinking of a "bucket list" so to speak for the next few weeks. That list mainly consists of day trips to Charlottesville and Williamsburg, shopping, manis & pedis, and anything else I can fit in. 

Is there anything that you did or would do if you were counting down the days? I would love some fun suggestions! 

Happy weekend!

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  1. Take a day to sleep in! R is 13 months old today and last weekend we all slept until 9am. That was the first time since she was born! And a massage. I know my sciatica hurt a lot those last few weeks and anyone rubbing me felt amazing! Good luck in these last few weeks! I can't wait to meet baby H!


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