Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shades of Light Rock Crystal Lamp

Remember how I told you I won a giveaway from CopyCatChic's blog?

Well, to my amazement, Saturday evening the Shades of Light Rock Crystal Lamp arrived on my doorstep. (The pessimist in me always thinks those giveaways are sort of a sham in the back of my mind) But the pessimist has been silenced forever (when it comes to this sort of stuff anyways)!

So true to the giveaway, I placed my new lamp perfectly on my entry table, and it's as if the lamp was made for me. It couldn't be more perfect!

Sorry for the poor picture quality but here's what it looks like..

Normally the table is centered under the mirror, but we moved it aside to fit the christmas tree in the corner. But now that's it's off center a bit, I'm kind of liking it that way. I'm thinking a picture wall gallery would look nice around the mirror as well.


  1. The lamp is simply gorgeous. Its color and design blend perfectly to its current place.

  2. Is that lamp make of real rock crystals? I've been lusting for a rock crystal table lamp that is way way more expensive than the $499 price your link shows. -And you won it as a giveaway, WOW! Lucky girl! Thanks for sharing because I just might save me a bundle.

  3. I'm so glad to share with you! The lamp is made of real rock quartz and it GREAT quality.


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