Thursday, August 11, 2011

Moss Terrariums

I've been flirting with the idea now for a few weeks of making my own terrarium, but last weekend I came across this nice little mountain man who happened to be selling little moss terrariums on the street and I couldn't help myself.

and the best part about it is they only need a tablespoon of water once a year. yeah you heard me one time a year! SOLD.

so if you have a yellow thumb like me (I can keep a few plants alive but in no way do I have a green thumb) terrariums are the perfect addition to your home. they bring the same an earthy, warm feeling to a room like other plants.

you can find them for purchase on this etsy shop or you can be bold and follow these directions from design sponge to make your own!

If you have already made your own, I'd love to see pictures and hear how you did it!


  1. LOVE this idea..especially as a DIY gift! Thanks for sharing!

  2. OR.....I just had a great idea....what about making these as centerpieces for a wedding? And then you can have people take them home as gifts. (my brain is ticking....)

  3. I LOVE your idea as making them as center pieces for a wedding (your wedding)! sounds like something you could get your maids to help with!

  4. Thanks! I'm not sure who makes it, I found it at Home Goods!


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