Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Small Space Solutions

By now it's no secret that our "bungalow" is limited on space. So a few weeks ago, W and I got to it to do some rearranging in the office a.k.a. the man room

W is a jack of all trades, or as we joke, he knows how to do everything but is a master of nothing :) And I say that lovingly and envious of his many talents! So basically this room functions as his office, music room, painting studio, man collectibles (beer mugs, posters, and Jerry Garcia garb) and hang out area. That's a lot for a 10'x7' space (I'm guessing but it can't be much larger than that).

So in order to make this space more livable, we decided to take a Que from our wall of shelves and use the other walls in the room to expand storage vertically. Since the guitars were taking up the most floor space we bought 2 guitar wall mounts and got to it. 

Previously this wall wasn't being used except for 2 hanging framed photos, but now by hanging the guitars, it has freed about 1/3 of the floor space than before. Personally I think it looks better too!

As for the 2 photographs, we are toying with the idea of doing a gallery wall behind out sofa. I'm excited to play around with it a bit, and see what happens!

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