Monday, March 18, 2013

DIY Peony Spring Wreath

How wonderful was this weekend?! 
I don't know about in your parts, but around here the sun was shining (which is a far cry from what it looks like today) and my spring fever was in full swing. 
I have long been in search of the perfect spring wreath, and have yet to find what I want and for a price I am willing to pay. So a few weeks ago, I decided to get my craft on and make my own version of a peony spring wreath. I'd never done this before, but I thought I would give it a shot and here's how it things turned out... (!)

I am obsessed with the final product - it is exactly what I have been wanting!

Here's a little look at the extremely easy process...

-buy (1) 18'' vine wreath

- buy silk flowers of your choice

I choose bouquets of peonies that had about 4-5 blooms on each bouquet. In total I bought 4 that would 50% off each. I also bought 8 - individual stems of peony blooms - 4 white and 4 light pink -- these were a little more expensive but also 50% off at $2.99 each. 

- use wire cutters to cut the stems about 2-3 inches below the bloom. 
- start weaving the blooms through the vine wreath

originally I had intended on hot gluing the blooms to the vine wreath, but after placing a few on, I quickly realized there was no need and the blooms were securely stuck in between the vines. 

-play with the arrangement of the blooms until you're happy

- and DONE!

Vine wreath - $9.99
(4) bouquets @ $7.99 each on sale - $31.96
(8) blooms @ $2.99 each on sale - $23.92
Total Cost- $65.87

Since this weekend was so nice, I decided to go ahead and hang it... Bring on Spring!

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