Tuesday, February 5, 2013

28 Days of things I love : Day 5

Hand written notes.

There's something about snail mail that is so exciting and romantic. I think I like them so much, because with email, phones, and texting these days, it's so easy to get in contact with people, but hand written notes just show that someone has taken the extra time and effort to reach out to you. You have to admit. Everyone gets a little excited when they have something other than bills to open when they are sorting their mail.

Exchanging letters on the regular is becoming a lost art and is on it's way to extinction.
Let's bring it back people.

The art of sending a letter:

1. Choose fun stationary

(click on the photo for source)


perfect monogrammed stationary

2. Pretty penmanship is important (the art of calligraphy is a bonus!)

lindsay letters » calligraphy / hand lettering / event design

3. Seal it tight & Personalize your return address

- Stamp it:

Ladyfingers Letterpress Hand Lettered Custom Return Address Stamps ---Also, creative way to display house number? ----

Return Address Stamp  2x2 Wooden Rubber Custom by blushprintables, $38.00

Emboss it:

Embosser stamps for your return address.

** In a weird twist of irony while I was writing this post, my bossman came in to my office (don't tell him what I've been up too(!)) and showed me these letters they just found in our building that got stuck behind some old sheet rock between a Richmonder and her french penpal from 1968. #icantmakethissh*tup #timecapsule #lostart. 

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