Monday, February 4, 2013

28 Days of things I love : Day 4

Monogrammed Bed Linens. 

I absolutely love monogrammed bed linens. I think it just takes what otherwise is pretty to next-level, comfy, and personalized bed. Even the most simple, all white comforter is immediately upgraded, and looks more expensive with a simple monogram. 

Here are some examples that make me swoon, and want to take the best nap of my life all at the same time.


Bedroom Blue - A pompom-fringed canopy above monogrammed bed linens

(see even Tommy H. loves it.)

The Hilfigers' apartment in NYC with custom monogramed bedding from New Orleans' own #LeontineLinens

sadie + stella. monogram bedding

 Pink Monogrammed Bedding

fun bedroom

I love that they fit with all different kinds of design styles too. Preppy, traditional, bohemian, modern, rustic. It always works. period. 

For me, monograms are not just limited to bed linens, although I think that's my favorite. I also like to see them on jewelry, chairs, napkins, china... the possibilities are endless. 

*photos courtesy of: The Aestate, Elegant Linens, Sadie + Stella, Leontine, Lonny, The Stroller Coaster

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