Monday, November 10, 2014

Craft Room Mood Board

Elegant Crafting Room

Desk // Chair // Rug // Waste Basket // Shelves // Baskets // Boxes // Mirror // Light Pendant // Fabric

My sister recently asked me if I would put together a mood board for her office/craft room that's been sitting nearly empty since they moved into their house a year ago. She is super creative and is constantly working on new projects; whether it's a princess crown for her daughter to wear to a princess -themed birthday party, a homemade Halloween costume, or making decorations for her own parties; you name it, she's making it. 

So naturally she needs an organized but inspiring space to work in. Although there are some craft rooms out there that are filled top to bottom with shelving, cork boards, and the like, I thought something more mature would work well for her since this room will likely be used for office needs for her husband as well. I started with a large bulky executive desk that she inherited from our parents so I brought in some elements to lighten up the space, while keeping it functional. 

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