Friday, November 7, 2014

Weekend Musings [Halloween]

Well I'm a week late but I couldn't pass up one last opportunity to share my sweet little elephant with you! Harrison was a hoot in his costume and surprised us by rocking it all night with no fuss at all. My sister hosted us over at her house, and I'm disappointed to say that I didn't get any pics of her cute decor, but she always goes the extra mile to make her parties and gatherings special and this one was no different! Harrison loved the balloons the most, and the adults had a lot of fun with photo props and stick-on mustaches :) 

On the home front, everything has been framed and wrapped, and they started putting up the roof trusses! This week we've had a bit of a hold up waiting on the power company to do their business but hopefully by next week, we will be back on schedule. 

Happy Friday! 

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