Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Decorating with Feathers Around the Home

I quickly mentioned yesterday that I picked up a couple pheasant feathers while in Williamsburg over the weekend and here they are laid out on my coffee table. 

My dad's friend also gave me a bunch of gorgeous turkey tail feathers to add to the mix too.
I've been mulling over what do to with them and found some inspiration when scouring the web. Here are a few ideas I liked...


                        decorating with feathers


                    Source: enmiespaciovital.blogspot.com.  Please pin from the original source, thank you.

                               So simple--black and white feathers in a vintage crock. We're always finding and collecting feathers, might as well decorate with them.

I really thought it was festive to add magnolia and feathers to your chandelier for the holidays, but how easy (and pretty) is it to put them in a jar/vase and call it a day!? 

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