Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Hills Are Alive in Salzburg, Austria

I don't think I've mentioned up to this point that I've planned an impromptu trip back to Germany... in June! It all has happened so quickly, but in short, my cousin that lives in Munich is pretty positive she will be moving back stateside at the end of this year. As soon as we heard the news, my mom (who has been saying she wanted to go forever) asked me if I wanted to go with her to visit this summer, being that it may might her last chance to go before we lose our resident tour guide:) 
Well did I even have to think about it? Well of course not! Count me in!

So naturally, we were thinking while we are there, is there anywhere else close enough that we would like to visit? And that's when we decided on a 3 day excursion to Salzburg, Austria.

Being that The Sound Of Music is one of my all time favorite movies, which was filmed in Salzburg, naturally I am beside myself with excitement! 

We plan on staying in the historic city center (more on that later) and seeing all of the major sites like the birthplace of Mozart and his home, Mirabell Palace and gardens, and St. Peter's Monastery. There are even quite a few Sound of Music tours out there that I fully intend on geeking it out at. 

Among all of those places, I also just look forward to just admiring the old city itself, in all of it's beauty with Austrian architecture set against the back drop of the Alps.

The dates are creeping up on me, so if you've ever been and have any must - do suggestions, please share! 

More details on our visit to Germany next time:)

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