Monday, May 13, 2013

Flower Power

I added some new annuals around the house this weekend that are luscious and blooming and make me so happy. 

If you follow my instagram, you may have seen this hibiscus plant on my front porch that is serving as a gorgeous reminder of my girl's trip to Marco Island a few weeks ago.

I also made a trip to Home Depot and picked up some potato vine, petunias, and dahlias (a new favorite) for our back porch. 

If you are just starting a container garden collection, I recommend finding cheap terracotta pots from A.C. Moore (or your local craft store). I got this medium size one for $3. Right up my alley. 

I decided to add a little flavvv by taping off the bottom and spray painting it white with some left over paint I had.

On the left are the Dahlias in my newly painted planter. On the right are Geraniums and Sweet Potato Vine I bought using a Groupon to a local nursery. 

 If you're wondering how the spray paint worked on the clay pot - it was wonderful. It literally took seconds to dry and it rained shortly after I took these pictures, and the paint held up perfectly.

I forgot to snap a picture, but we planted the Petunias and Sweet Potato vine in a window box off of the shed. It looks so pretty -- I'll try to get a few pictures tonight! 

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

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