Monday, March 25, 2013

Revamping the Closets & Spring Cleaning

 This weekend W and I accomplished something that has been on my "honey do-list" just about since we moved into our house 4 years ago.... we reworked our closets! 

Our house was built in 1942, and our closets reflect that 100%. Meaning they are tiny and were not designed for the modern family. Alas, I have been determined to make them work, even if it means purging clothes every six months. 

So this is pretty much what we had to work with (for my closet)... 
8 feet of vertical space, 4 feet of width, 1 hanging rack, and 2 shelves.

I knew I wanted to get rid of the two upper shelves, and add a hanging rack if I could. So to start with I did some research and determined that Lowe's Rubbermaid HomeFree Series was going to be our best option. It's cheap, offers a huge variety of options, and is easy to  assemble.  

So first thing first, I emptied out the closet. I know! Can you believe all of that fit in that tiny space!? It was a little overwhelming. Ok a lot overwhelming.

Measuring and leveling out the brackets was the hardest part - after that it was all a matter of playing with the height of the shelves, and the daunting task of putting everything back in it...

In the end, I decided on (2) 2 ft. hanging racks on the left side for shirts and sweaters, (1) 2 ft. hanging rack on the right side for dresses, and (3) 2 ft. sections of shelving for folded pants, purses, and baskets for bathing suits and scarves. 

I also took this as an opportunity to purge once again, and have no regrets about the 2 trash bags full of old clothes that went to Goodwill! The space is a huge improvement from before - I just can't believe we waited this long to do it. 

Have you gotten any spring cleaning done yet?? (it's ironic as I write that, that we are in the middle of yet another snow storm...*tear*)

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