Tuesday, February 26, 2013

28 Days of things I love : Day 26


I admit I've only been real camping once. But ever since W and I got camping gear as a wedding gift (which by the way, was one of the most original gifts we received, and we LOVED it) we have been trying to add more camping trips to the calender. 

This spring is no exception, and as soon as the weather gets nice, I plan on heading out into the wilderness with my dead head (that would be W)

A Duke camping experience is pretty low key and simple, with a tent, stove, ipod, and beer. 

But these camping experiences are next level
Not gonna lie, I'm down for it. 

Old time air stream campers, like the show I was telling you about...

airstream, always wanted one. lived in a Spartan trailer (like a full length airstream) when I was a kid for a year. Trailer court on the beach California ! Sweet.

Flying camping



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