Thursday, September 27, 2012

HH Fall Front Door

I got motivated yesterday and finished off my front stoop.
All that's left to do now is light a pumpkin spice candle in my kitchen, turn on some football (because nothing says "Fall" like football) and enjoy this autumn season.


  1. You should think about taking down your would really open up the front of the house a lot and make it look so much more inviting. Plus, it would show off your prety door (and wreath) that much more!

  2. Oh but I love the awning! We put it up about a year after we bought our house and it's been great. It does cast a little shadow over the front door, but this picture was taken first thing in the morning before the sun was shining bright. Let me tell you it's all worth it when it's pouring down raining and you've got your hands full of grocery bags to lug in the front door.


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