Friday, September 2, 2011

Hi, I know I've been gone..

but trust me, I haven't been doing anything exciting.
this just about sums it up.

Yep. I don't blame you if you fell asleep there for a minute
because that's how dreary my week has been..
I'm currently going on day 7 of no power thanks to Irene
so I've been a little low on inspiration this week.

But no worries! we're getting away this weekend
and I'll be back in full force next week
I just know it.

but in the mean time I'll leave you with this little jewel of information
if you live in or around the Charlottesville area...
there is a Jcrew Warehouse sale going on right now through Monday, September 5th!! click here for more info.
these are spectacular events and it is so worth going if you have the time
remember when they came to Richmond last year?

I hope you can make it!
I hope I can make it for that matter.

Either way, I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!!

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