Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Motor Boatin' Son of a

 Good morning! As I said in the last post, we are going on vacation soon, so I thought I'd share some more details.
My dad is an avid boater, always has been, and since this is a family vacation we decided the best route would be to charter a boat and island hop.
We've done this once before, about 12 years ago, so I am so excited to experience this now as an adult and mostly to have W there with me, since I know he is in for a real treat.
We've chartered a catamaran from the Moorings in Tortola, BVI, and here are some of the Moorings pictures of the boat's interior.

the common area in the cabin

one of four bedrooms

the outside eating/lounging area
I'll share some more up close and personally pictures of the boat's interior when we return, but in the mean time I've got boats on my mind so here are some gorgeous boat spaces I've found.

Gauthier Stacy Interior Designer

West Elm

and I threw this one in there because who doesn't want to sleep on a floating boat bed??

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