Tuesday, March 15, 2011

random thoughts ...

why do royals always get married on weekdays?

has anyone else noticed prince harry's on/off gf chelsy davy is kind of a wild woman party girl?

she looks fun
last night i googled the royal family for about an hour

i'm falling for bethany frankel's food buddy nick...
his cluelessness melts my heart.
and it kind of makes me want to live in nyc so i could try all the food vans around the city with him

his blog is pretty cool too

yesterday i finished our taxes, YAY

zillow.com is my new fav tool to pass the time
its amaze how much info out there is public knowledge

the countdown has begun, only 67 days until the duke's take on europe

do you ever have those days where your brain won't stop bouncing around from bit to bit? yeah this is one of those days for me

comments or concerns?

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