Monday, March 7, 2011

Georgia Delight

this past weekend was my mumma's birthday and she has been talking about going down to Atlanta forever now to see her favorite preacher (Dr. Charles Stanley). so last week i told her, let's stop talking about it and just do it.
so that's what we did, we headed down to georgia for a long weekend, just to go to church.
it sounds funny when you say it, but believe it or not we did work a couple other things in there as well and it turned out to be a great little getaway!

our first stop was alpine helen, ga
a mountain town turned german village

next we headed to atlanta and ate at the Sun Dial
at the top of the tallest hotel in the western hemisphere
that rotates 360' in an hour, giving you a full view of downtown atlanta
from every view possible

and of course, the main event.
sunday morning at First Baptist Church Atlanta

hope everyone else had a great weekend too! happy monday!

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