Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Summer is fast approaching

CONFESSION: the recent 80-90 degree weather has been amazing, but I'm scared to death of bathing suit season. I must admit I may have gotten a little too comfortable with those loose winter sweaters and I dread slipping into a bathing suit in the next month or so.

So, in an attempt to regain my self confidence, I am officially starting my new summer-ready lifestyle. Now let's be honest, I think over the past 20 some years I've learned my habits pretty well. Does this mean I am going to actually change and start hitting the gym on a regular basis? No, probably not. Hey, at least I'm be honest with myself, right?

Well, instead I am making other changes, like... maybe I'll forgo that delicious McChicken biscuit that I treat myself to once a week, and I will get my butt off the sofa after work and take Samson on a nice long walk everyday, instead of everyother day, and I will make a better effort to eat at home so I can actually control what I am eating... we'll see how this works out.

In another attempt to be pro-active, I can't tell you if it's ever really worked, but in college my roommate and I would put up pictures of VS models to remind us what we were working towards. Is that realistic? Well, my 5'3'' frame probably is working against me, but whatever gets you motivated, right?!

This is currently my background on my desktop.
Summer here I come! 

P.S. While I'm at it - can I have her tan too? Thanks.


  1. Haha and don't forget about our signs on the fridge..."Stop eating fat ass!"

  2. i have pictures of my fav celebs on my fridge door so i have to look at their perfect bods before i reach in for my 2nd (or 4th) pudding cup! my mom thinks im crazy- but it works (usually)


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