Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Harrison's 1st Birthday!

Today is the day! My little baby is one year old! Oh my. This year just literally went by in the blink of an eye... probably because he has kept us so busy day in and day out ;) 

Unfortunately, because of our ongoing construction/ chaos, we had to forego a big party this year. I originally thought that if construction would be finished reasonably soon after his birthday, that we could put off the party until then. But then there were just so many unknowns, and I'm glad now that we decided to go ahead and celebrate because we are still at least a month away from being finished with our house. 

So about a week ago I decided to just have a very small get together with our immediate families. I took the easy route with catered BBQ, coleslaw, chips, and cupcakes. It honestly turned out to be so perfect for us. We had the nicest, stress-free day, and I think HRD thoroughly enjoyed his cake and presents! 

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