Monday, January 14, 2013


Thank you for bearing with me while I took last week off from blogging. We were experiencing a broad range of emotions, from the birth of my first niece, Olivia ( who is healthy, beautiful, and perfect in every way), to the tragic loss of a very dear friend. 
My emotions are still drastically wavering from one minute to the next, so bear with me if I may seem a little too sentimental here for a while.

And so on that note, on to happier things... like babies! 
Here is my first picture with my beautiful O. I am obsessed with her, and so proud of my sister - she did such an amazing job bringing her into this world! 
Tomorrow she will be 1 week old! Holy cow, time does fly. 

Some other good things to come out of this weekend, other than the fact that I ferociously cleaned my house  bathtub, was we also got around to hanging some of W's artwork.

O.K. So I have to boast about my man for just a few minutes here..
W paints in his free time, just things that he has drawn up in his head, or things I request every now and again, and he really is talented. 

This zebra is one of my favorites, and I've been meaning to frame it for a while now, and can finally check this off my list!

And this next one, W completely took me by surprise with and is now a new fav of mine that he just finished this weekend. 

Guess who it is....

O.K. I'll give you a hint...

Yup, the strongest man alive... Samson. I'm in love... now we're just playing with ideas for where it's home will be!

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