Thursday, January 24, 2013


The weather here has been snowing on and off all week, with one thing staying consistent... cold, cold, cold! 
I have to admit, I love the snow, especially when it doesn't constrict me to the confinement of my living room with no power *knock on some serious wood*

I haven't had the chance to stay at home and actually enjoy it yet because it's all come down on work days, but if I were at home right now I would like it to look something like this...

snow days

fur throws // Letter Pillow // Chiasso & Pillow // Socks 

Or this...

I actually did venture out in the frigid cold over the weekend to pick up a birthday gift, and  picked up some of Anthropologie's Multitude Headbands.  I am obsessed and think they are the perfect way to feel pretty when in sweats. Not to mention, they make a bad hair day even look cute. 

In other news, I've gone Gluten Free. To make a long story short, my sister in gluten intolerant, and I've had some issues of my own, and with lots of research it all points to the G
So I thought heck, what do I have to lose? Well, bread. I lose bread. But I'm staying strong so far on day 6 and am determined to stick with it for a few weeks to see if I can see the difference! I'm actually pretty lucky my sister's already been the test subject and has told me everything about what I can eat and can't. You be so surprised to know how much you eat that actually has gluten in it. But already, I feel like I have more energy and I can tell my skin has improved... so I will keep y'all updated on my progress and findings along my G. F. journey. 

If you're thinking of going GF I've heard this book is a great resource. 

Well that about sums up any new happenings with me. What about y'all? Have any of you tried a GF diet? I'd love to hear any tips, recipes, or whether you felt any physical changes! 

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