Friday, December 21, 2012

This year for my Birthday...

Ok. So I kind of dropped the ball again. But with this being the week before Christmas, and my birthday I'll just use that as my excuse and be done with it!

This year I chose to spend it low key with just family, and I have to admit it was nice not having all the stress and hooplah of trying to plan something (although I do love a great party). 

So this year I got... 

Believe it or not, the only thing on my "list" was the dog crate end table, which sounds kind of funny when I say it out loud like this. But I absolutely loooveee it. It took some getting used to on Sammy's part, but now he's grown to love it too. And with a teeny tiny master bedroom, like ours, this has freed up so much needed space by combining a night stand and dog crate.

The others were welcomed surprises too! I have always wanted a pair of TOMS and I never expected them to be so comfortable! And I've had my eye on this vest all season long. I'm in love. 

And now I'm signing off to fully relish in the holidays! 
Merry Christmas!

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