Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Home Office Bookcase

Remember this ?

A few months back, I blogged about beautiful bookcases that inspired me to change up our own little bookcase at home.

I've had this project on my mind for some time now, but first I had to pick a paint color for the walls in the office and bookcase itself. Here is the post about painting the office to refresh your memory.

Finally, I picked out some fabric for the bookcase curtains (which I am in love with) and here is the final product:

Wesley refuses to give up his turn table and prehistoric speakers.

Here is what it look liked before. Big improvement!

Sorry for the broken up pictures. The room is so small I couldn't get the whole wall in one pic.


  1. Marci, it looks fabulous! I love it!

  2. how did you actually install the curtains in the bookshelf? did you put rods in? i really like the looks of that, and would really like to do the same for a bookshelf i would like to turn into a pantry / wine glass display.

  3. I actually used small tension rods...easiest thing ever! I'd love to see pictures when you're all finished. Thanks for stopping by!


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