Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Antiques Anyone?

Over the last year or so I have found a new appreciation for antiquing. It all started when we bought our house. I wanted to fill it with nice traditional furniture, but my wallet was not willing to pay the price. After researching my area and talking to a few experts (i.e. my mom) I found some favorite spots that I now refer back to every couple weeks to make sure I don't miss anything great! My favorite thing about antiquing is not knowing what you may find. I love taking traditional furniture and style and combining it with fresh young fabrics. You can keep the furniture forever, and just update the fabrics when you grow tired of them. My most recent find in the Richmond area is Impulse . Now don't fret, if you aren't close, you can go window shopping on their website too! This place is amazing! You can buy and/or sell anything - they have everything from curtains to furniture to christmas decor and all for a decent price.

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