Friday, October 17, 2014

Man Cave Makeover

Man Cave Makeover

Decorating a man cave can be a funny thing, juggling the wants of your man while also keeping style and function in mind. My hubby and I have recently been discussing turning our current bedroom into a man room for him once our new master suite is complete, so I was excited when Man Crates asked me if I wanted to participate in their ''Man Room Makeover'' Campaign to get a little inspiration and creative juices flowing. Man Crates is an online shop for the perfect brag-worthy gifts for your man, but what makes them so different is these well curated, themed gifts come packaged and shipped in wooden crates to be opened by none other than an included laser engraved crow bar. How cool is that?! Definitely something to brag to his friends about!

 When decorating a man cave of any kind, I'd advise straying away from your typical tacky sports memorabilia and neon beer signs, but you also have to think about the man who will be enjoying the space, and don't take it too seriously (this is a Fun Zone after all). And ask what are his hobbies, likes, and what is most important to him? When thinking about W, I can answer those questions pretty quickly... he needs a place to sit back, drink a cold one - out of some personalized barware?, while listening to music and checking his fantasy games.

For this mood board I pictured a basement space --what is it with men's infatuation with basements?!-- so I thought the fireplace provides the warm and cozy factor while creating the perfect focal point.  I die over the look of the classic Eames Chair and and it fits the masculine space well. W has a thing for collecting vinyls and listens to 90% of his music on a turn table, so I thought the vintage record player added a little fun style.  I chose a black and white photo of Muhammad Ali boxing under water for whimsical art, and of course, the necessity of a bar cabinet in a man cave goes without saying.

What do you think? Do you think you could see yourself watching Sunday night football in this room? I don't think I would mind it one bit! 

You can check out all of the details of my Man Lounge here.

Thanks to Man Crates for inviting me to participate in their "Man Cave Makeover" Campaign! 

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