Monday, September 22, 2014

Addition Sketches

*Disclaimer:these are rough sketches I made of our addition plans and are not drawn to scale. 

As I mentioned last week, we are in the early stages of building an addition on to our home, and I'm excited to share some rough sketches of what we have planned! 

Before we talked to our builder, we explored different options for our home. Namely, should we build up (finish attic space) or build out (adding a completely new structure)? After weighing some pros and cons, we finally decided we would feel most comfortable having all of the bedrooms on the same level. Especially with having such a young child. We also felt that building out would give our tiny house a much more open feel. Versus adding a staircase that would actually cut into out living space and most likely have angled, cramped ceilings upstairs. 

My one other qualm with our house in it's current state is the cramped nature of having a small living room. When it was just the two of us, we honestly didn't mind the "cozy" closeness, but adding a 3rd family member, and any guests we have over has tipped the scale from cozy to cramped.  With all that being said, this is how we came up with our "get us to stay in this house" must haves for an addition. 

Thanks for following along!

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