Monday, July 28, 2014

Saturday Farmer's Market

Over the weekend we stopped by the Deltaville farmer's market for the first time this summer and I'm so sad we've been missing out of this for so long! For a little bay community, the market was quite impressive with not only fresh produce, but also a variety of artisan vendors were there to sell their goods as well. My mom even bought a children's book to keep at the house for the grand-kids that was written and illustrated by a husband and wife team that live on their boat. How cute is that? 
And I can't stop thinking about the limelight hydrangeas we saw at the market. I've been scoping out my yard ever since to find a place to plant a bush this fall. 
It felt good to get out of my typical routine and try something new, and Harrison was so taken by all of the activity around him. I hope your weekend was nice; try any new things?

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