Wednesday, August 14, 2013


So I briefly mentioned a few weeks ago that we are starting this new journey of organizing, rearranging, and making room for a +1 in our tiny little love nest and a lot of changes have been going on over here. 

Here is a little check list I made for myself of "to-do's" I want to get accomplished over the next month...
1. Sell guest bedroom furniture on craigslist  All that's left are these chairs and this rug
2. Build new master bedroom dressers & organize that's where we are today
3. Pick color scheme & paint nursery still waiting to find out Baby D's gender!
4. Order nursery furniture
5. Move re-purposed furniture into nursery (hand me down armoire  from my grandparents house)

So far, I have been a craigslist selling machine and a little trip to ikea got us 2 new dressers for our own bedroom to start getting all of my stuff out of our guest bedroom/my own personal dressing room/I'll miss it... but so far this new transition has been fairly painless and is working out as a great alternative. 

Once we got the dressers assembled, I started scouring the wide web for organizing solutions and here's what I came up with.

I got 2 of HEMNES dressers, a his and hers, for our bedroom, which offer ample storage space. I also picked up these drawer organizers at ikea to keep my unmentionables straight. They are heaven sent for keeping everything separate and in order. 

The next thing I was really struggling with was organizing my jewelry. I knew I wanted it hidden away out of sight. In our old set up, all of my junk was always on top of the dresser and laying around. My goal this time was to have everything put out of sight, but within easy access. 

This was my inspiration

Jewelry Drawer Insert for Necklaces - Inspiration California Closets DFW
California Closets

 so I ordered a few of these  in varying sizes and they have worked out great. I love having everything laid out in front of me and they can slide around so I can see everything.

Some say it's too early, but I feel like "nesting" is in full swing over here. 
What do you do to be better organized at home?

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