Monday, February 18, 2013

28 Days of things I love : Day 18

I love a good gallery wall. 

This wall makes a huge impact using black and white photographs with the same size frames and matting. It's almost like you're looking at one gigantic piece of art, instead of 12 little pictures.

gallery wall

On the other hand, I'm also drawn to the eclectic vibe, mixing and matching with different frames, illustrations, and artwork. I especially love how the tv blends with the gallery wall, instead of being it's own focal point.

Here they brought in a few random objects, along with plates to add dimension and visual interest. I especially love the plate that is facing bottom up. Sometimes it's the quirky details that are the most interesting. 

gallery wall

Kate Spade foyer bench gallery wall


The start of a new gallery wall around the tv on Emily A Clark.

click photo for source*

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