Tuesday, November 13, 2012


This weekend friends and family showered my sister and brother in law with baby gifts for their future baby girl. It was a great laid back shower, hosted by her good friends N and S, and they did a fabulous job. Here are some highlights...

And here is a sneak peak of a little project I am working on. My kitchen is in shambles.... this better turn out good... but more on that later!

If you can't tell by the oyster shells, I'm getting all geared up for our Annual Oyster Roast this weekend! I have about 1,000,000 things on my to do list, and zero time to do it all. We'll see how this pans out...

Happy Tuesday!


  1. What’s the baby’s name? I have a daughter with almost the same initials. Her name is Olivia Rivers H...

  2. Oh I love the name Rivers! So different:) Her name is Olivia Rae named after our Dad.


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