Thursday, July 5, 2012

Celebrating Amurica's Birthday

....with Chicken and Beef Kabobs!

I have to admit, having Independence day fall on a Wednesday this year was a little odd, and although we didn't make our usual trip down to DVL we tried something a little different this year. 
So instead we spent the day at a friend's pool, sipping on ice cold beers and eating pizza... it's the american way. 
 That evening we had everyone back to our house for a little cookout. 
So I found this awesome recipe for chicken and beef kabobs here. and this is how they turned out...

they were so easy to make.. just marinate the chicken and beef separately overnight and slip them right on the skewers.

Here's W rubbing the extra Italian dressing on the veggies to add more flavor

and voila! Delicious! 

then I got a little hipster with it...

 Samson got all sassy after his buddies left.
It turned out to be a fantastic 4th!
What about you? Did you try anything new this year??

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