Monday, July 25, 2011

shut the front door: part 2

This weekend we stripped and painted our front door!

 **side note: I would never recommend stripping paint unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary.**
which in this case, it unfortunately was, but HGTV made it all look so easy.
Dern that HGTV. 

this is what the door looked like before:

not too bad right?

except for a few chips here...

and a few bubbles there...

the process:

** side note: when they say apply liberally, what they really mean is to pour the entire can, if you intend for this process to work**

it's melting away...finally!!

ohh, bet you didn't think this would be under that red door, did you?


and if you didn't notice.. I managed to convince W to change it up a bit and I am LOVING our new green door!!

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  1. it looks awesome! i am proud of you for going bold!


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