Thursday, July 8, 2010

Into CB2

Normally, I consider my style traditional, but lately I have liked the idea of incorporating some modern accessories to keep the space feeling fresh and young.

And because I seem to be changing my mind frequently these days, I don't believe in putting too much money into these type of things, which is why I am loving CB2 right now. CB2 has the look at great, affordable prices.

Here are a few items I am loving:

These Russian Nesting Dolls are a creative take on the traditional idea, but are updated with modern patterns. (I used to love these things when I was little)

Foo Dog bookends are also really popular right now, and you can snag a pair at a low price at CB2 for just $49.95.


I am truly loving these Spoke Mirrors. They are made from reclaimed iron bicycle wheels around a 10.25'' mirror for just $59.95. They would make interesting wall art for an outdoor patio.


  1. This is so weird - I read this post yesterday at work,and have never heard of CB2 before. When I got home from work yesterday, the catolog was in my mailbox. How strange?!

  2. haha that is weird! I got the catalogue a few days ago that is what got me looking!


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