Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Recessionista to the Max!

If you're anything like me, when word broke loose about a year ago (maybe longer?) that we were in a recession, I had yet to really feel it. I just went on with my everyday life, listening to people throw that word all around me..."recession".... but it never really hit home, until the last few months I have really been feeling the pinch.

Since then, I have been doing every money saving trick I can think of... avoiding the mall at all costs! But no matter how much I'm not spending, somehow I still feel like it's too much.

So on this note, my mind has been consumed lately (almost obsessively) with figuring out more ways to save money.

I'm pretty proud of this new outlook, as I have never been all that money conscious in the past. So today I thought I'd share a few helpful hints for all you penny pinchers out there that I have learned recently.

                         photo cred: georgecoghill

1. Coupons.com is my new best friend. Print off Manufacturer Coupons for your favorite foods, magazines, beauty products, you name it. Yeah they are only a few cents off here and there, but they really add up (and I did the research- Walmart accepts them too!)

2. I learned this little trick today from an old teammate in HS... if you a grabbing lunch from a Subway that is inside a Gas Station or foodmart, it is actually cheaper to skip "the meal" and buy your fountain drink and chips seperately from the foodmart. The place I go on my lunch breaks it's about a $0.41 difference... again I know this sounds silly but why pay more for the same thing when you don't have too?

3. This is no secret, but ebay is amazing for those of you who don't already use it. I sold 6 purses last month that I haven't used in years and made $235.00! Now I'm addicted and everything I don't use in my house is on my list to sell at auction!

Are there any money saving tricks you use? I would love to hear them!

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