Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekend Mission: Finish Kitchen

When we bought our house, the kitchen was less than desirable. To be honest, it was just plain gross. It still had the original cabinets circa 1940's and was basically falling apart.

Since then, two lovely people (ma mere et ma pere) renovated our cabinets as a wedding gift, and we could not be more grateful. Now, almost six months later, we still have a half painted kitchen.

What's left to paint you ask?
The trim, ceilings, walls above the hand rail, and behind the stove.

 It's such a small space and it will literally take longer to get the paint ready, than it will to actually paint it. So I decided, no plans this weekend, Saturday is the perfect day to finally check this off our list!

(This is what our kitchen looked like before the new cabinets & paint job)

Hopefully, this motivation will stick with me through tomorrow and I can show you and "after picture" too!

Thank goodness it's the weekend.

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