Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Showers

This month alone, I already have three showers to go to - 2 baby showers, and 1 bridal shower. Does anyone else think that seems like a lot of showers for one month? I must admit I am feeling a little overwhelmed, but I always love a reason to celebrate! I am actually co-hosting the bridal shower for one of my very best friends, Jordan. The invitations just went out last week and I love them (the color in real life is more yellow than orange) ...this goes back to my obsession with stationary.

This is the first shower I have ever given someone, so I really want it to be nice! I kind of wish it was a baby shower instead of a bridal shower we were giving only because there are so many cute ideas out there for a baby shower. Like this adorable watermelon baby carriage!

I want so badly to make a watermelon carriage for someone. But in the mean time I will keep planning the bridal shower. Helpful ideas are welcome please!


  1. I will make one for you if you get pregnant. Please?

  2. NO DANIELLE. The point is for SOMEONE ELSE to be pregnant.


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