Monday, October 27, 2014

Duke Addition [Foundation]

Things are moving along nicely on the home front! Last week the brick layers came and finished the foundation!! It's so exciting to finally see the footprint of our new addition. We also had a minor set back with our water heater, so that had to be moved to a new corner of our mud room... and in turn means we are now going to be doing minor updates to our mudroom/laundry room/ pantry that weren't in the original scope (relocating the washer & dryer and building an enclosed pantry).  But in the end I think they will be small updates with major pay offs. 

Other than the foundation, last week we mostly had people moving things around, getting things logistically ready to start framing (plumber moved the water heater, Cable/ telephone lines were moved, & the electrician is there as we speak relocating the power box on the back of the house). So lots of little things that you can't really see, but clearly have to be done. They also hauled away scraps from the demolition and leveled out the yard, so that cleaned things up nicely. This week on the agenda: remove the HVAC unit, and (hopefully) start framing!

Check back soon for some interior inspiration posts! Thanks for reading!

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