Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Last year's winter coat is really like the last 3 years winter coat for me, so I think it's about time I invest in a new one. Before I make a decision though, I am considering all of the different options and styles out there. Here are a few I like.

The Cape:
Trendy and Hip
(I am truly obsessed with this new trend!)
image via asos

The Bonbon Coat:
Classic and Chic
(I love it in this burnt orange color!)
image via jcrew

The Military Coat:
Structured and Classic
(This is another look I'm loving right now)
image via asos

The Navajo Coat:
Western Chic
(Call me crazy- but I love this! It just screams comfortable to me!)

The Trench:
Classic Beauty
(This coat will truly pass the test of time!)
image via jcrew

I pretty much change my mind everyday.
 What style do you like?


  1. I think you need them ALL! Hahaha. I could picture your pretty face in all of them. But I always like a classic trench. Then I don't have to worry about trying to stay in fashion. Call me lazy!!!!

  2. I love the classic trench too but Im also kind of obsessed with that military inspired one from Asos...


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