Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mountain Getaway Home Tour

As I mentioned yesterday, this past weekend W and I were fortunate enough to stay at the most amazing mountain hideaway with our friends for their wedding weekend. 
This house doubled as their reception site and was top to bottom filled with awesomeness. 
The owners have filled this spacious home with mountain style and a "lived in" feel that is often hard to accomplish in a second home.

here is just a small portion of this awesome house... I am sorry to say the kitchen was the best spot and I didn't get a single picture, but enjoy the rest!

the backyard was the highlight of the house and included various places to enjoy the mountain views and fields of wild flowers, including an outdoor fireplace, patio, balcony, and hot tub.

the upper level consisted of an open concept eat in kitchen with an informal living area, a formal living room, master suite with balcony and private study/library.

 the lower level featured 3 guest bedrooms, 3 full baths, laundry, sauna, and game room. 

this is the upstairs living/ sitting room

this was our room for the weekend downstairs...

this antler chandelier hung over the stairs leading downstairs.... I have always wanted one of these!

the game room...

I wish I could share with you every inch of this house, but that will have to suffice! 

Do you have any photos of beautiful homes to share? I'd love to see!

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